CanAm Physician Recruiting Inc. recruits Family Physicians and Physician Specialists to Canada. We are the proven international physician placement experts with the knowledge and resources to guide foreign medical graduates from around the world into rewarding Canadian medical careers. No matter how complex your immigration issues may be, David Nurse, our immigration law affiliate, can provide the solutions.

David Nurse
David Hunt Nurse Law Inc.
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David is the owner of David Hunt Nurse Law Inc. and David is committed to helping professionals, including physicians, with issues related to temporary residence and permanent residence, including labour market impact assessments (LMIAs) and work permits.

Immigration lawyers do not merely fill out immigration-related forms. In fact, immigration law is extraordinarily complex, not unlike tax law. Immigration law also changes quite rapidly. What can seem like a fairly simple situation can in fact be quite nuanced. An immigration lawyer can ask the right questions and provide insight into all aspects of a client's predicament and then provide advice as to all available options.

Many people believe that they can save money by filing their application on their own only to later learn that they filed their application at the wrong place or with incomplete materials, etc. This can lead to delays which cost the applicants time and sometimes money (e.g., in lost Canadian wages). An immigration lawyer can ensure that a case is filed in a complete way at the right place and can sometimes assist in speeding the case along.

Many clients assume that the Immigration Department is there to help them and that any deficiencies in their application should be fairly easily rectified. Unfortunately, this is absolutely not true. Many officers see themselves as 'gatekeepers' and are only too willing to refuse a case for relatively minor errors. This can result in very serious consequences. Also, advice given by Immigration Department officials is often misleading or inaccurate. Most officers do not have a law school degree and yet they are expected to field questions on every aspect of citizenship, immigration and refugee law! Common sense reveals that officers attending 'call centre' telephone lines cannot be expected to know every nuance of this complex area of law and cannot be expected to provide the best strategic advice.

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