Canadian Employers

CanAm Physician Recruiting Inc. is the physician recruitment firm of choice for healthcare employers across Canada. We offer an international gateway to thousands of highly trained and skilled physicians who are seeking employment in Canada. Our experienced professionals employ a meticulous screening process to ensure prospective candidates meet your organization's unique clinical needs. We also work closely with each candidate to ensure their social and family needs will be met within a prospective new community to help promote successful long-term relationships. We are Canada's only full service recruitment firm. Our services include: interviewing, credential verification, licensing, contract evaluation, immigration, business planning, tax consulting and real estate.

International Employers

Want to bring a North American trained physician to your international establishment? CanAm can connect you with well-trained and adventurous physicians that are seeking experience working abroad. No matter where your medical facility is in the world, the USA, Middle East, Europe, etc. CanAm can help. CanAm has more than 15 years of experience in the business of strategically searching, screening and attracting the best physicians world-wide and credentialed to the highest North American medical training standards.

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