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Darlene Hatt
Flaim Wolsey Hall, Chartered Accountants

ph: 902-444-4044,120

Flaim Wolsey Hall specializes in helping physicians like you minimize taxes, mitigate risks and accumulate wealth. Working with doctors is our focus and specialty. We know what credits and deductions apply to you, as well as how to set up your practice in the most tax-efficient manner.

We're not an accounting firm that just crunches numbers—we analyze the numbers, ask questions and provide advice to ensure you are on the path to achieving your short and long-term financial objectives. We strive to do everything possible to ensure your livelihood and personal finances are protected.

We look after your tax and accounting needs, and also provide support to you as you work with other members of your team, like your financial advisor, insurance advisor and lawyer.

Since 2003, Flaim Wolsey Hall has been the choice of doctors looking for accounting and tax expertise and exceptional service. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you the Flaim Wolsey Hall difference.