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Kevin Robinson
National Bank Financial

ph: 902-425-1283

National Bank Financial – Wealth Management 

  • The largest and most respected participant in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program (CIIP)
  • Collaborated with the Canadian Federal Government in the CIIP creation.
  • Already served nearly 7,000 families, helping them to immigrate to Canada and obtain their citizenship.
  • Offers a full suite of best –in-class investment services including investment advice, risk protection optimization, financial, tax and estate planning,
  • Access to exceptional personal and commercial banking solutions tailored to the demanding careers and lifestyles of physicians, and offering a multitude of advantages, privileges, preferred rates on select products and services

Banking Solutions Program for Physicians 

Understanding Our Wealth Management Approach
  There’s more to building wealth than simply investing money. You also need a thorough and realistic plan that will successfully bring your life projects to fruition. Experience has taught us that the best way to achieve your objectives – whether short or long term – is to use an integrated wealth management approach suited to both your needs and your professional, personal and financial situation. This approach gives you a lot more flexibility, and greatly increases the probability of your dreams becoming reality.
  We believe that the key to your financial success is an Investment Advisor that develops a highly personalized relationship with you – someone who listens to you and helps find ways for you to achieve your personal and financial goals. With an NBFWM Investment Advisor, you gain access to a comprehensive management approach that incorporates the expertise of professionals from a number of different financial disciplines who understand the responsibilities and opportunities unique to physician families.
  Through a proactive and integrated approach, your NBFWM advisor will help you: 

  • Determine your investor profile and develop your investment objectives
  • Establish the optimal mix of asset classes for you based on your profile and objectives
  • Select the best investment vehicles for implementing this optimal asset mix
  • Analyze your sources of revenue and tax implications for your overall financial situation
  • Identify factors that could influence your investment strategy, such as your estate, legal and fiscal situations.

A quote from an NBFWM client best describes the essence of our services.
  “You have organized my work and my personal retirement goals - enabling me to concentrate on my profession, my family and my friends. I have the utmost confidence in your approach to financial freedom.”

All of us here at National Bank Financial – Wealth Management welcome you and your family to Canada, the place we call home.  We want to do everything possible to help you feel the same!  It would be an honour and privilege to serve you.

  Your first point of contact:
  Kevin Robinson
  Phone: 902-425-1283

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