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Kate Harris
Patterson Law

ph: 902 405-8148

Patterson Law offers clients the full range of legal resources.  With offices in Halifax and Truro, we serve growth-oriented businesses in all parts of Nova Scotia and beyond.  We pride ourselves that our clients – businesses and individuals – consistently say they get greater value than expected from their relationship with our firm.

Our clients have told us that our long and distinguished record of success is what brought them to our offices.  Easy access to our lawyers and services and fast and effective response to their needs is what keeps them here.  We work hard to meet and beat those expectations, with a knowledgeable, dedicated team of experienced lawyers, supported by the best managerial and administrative staff and firm any client could ask for.

We know that in today’s fast moving world, it is no longer good enough to just be on top of the law – that almost goes without saying.  We stay one step ahead, in part because we embrace the latest communications and information technology to support your needs.

We work for a range of clients, from individuals with every imaginable legal issue, to major Nova Scotian businesses in every field, whose legal needs are as diverse as they are. 

We are particularly recognized and sought-after for our depth and expertise in commercial transactions, tax law and insurance litigation.

Above all else, we pride ourselves on the close working relationship we form with every client.