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Add your job posting to our site where over 7,000 doctors can view and apply.

CanAm Website Ads is the leading online source for physicians who are looking for employment opportunities. With a database over over 7,000 professionals from around the world, CanAm has a very exclusive online audience that visit the website on a continually basis using its resources to help them make both employment and business decisions.

CanAm Web and Newsletter ads can be linked directly to your website or, if you are a CanAm Affiliate Program member, to your CanAm affiliate page. The website ads are available in two formats, leaderboard or big box. They can be placed directly into the listing results or alongside a relevant piece of content anywhere within the CanAm site.

Advertisers on have the chance to reach a very exclusive target audience of medical professionals using a number of different tools. The following outlines the advertising opportunities on the site that are available to anyone who wants to tap into the CanAm professional network.

Job Listing Header Ad

The Listing Header ad is located in a prime viewpoint on The job board is the most popular section of the site with over 80% of the site's visitor traffic. Advertising in this space gives you maximum exposure. Job Listing Header ad is exclusively displayed every time the job board loads. Sold only on an annual basis, it's the best seat in the house when it comes to ad space.

Listing Ad

Job Listing Leaderboards (970 x 90 pixels)

Leaderboards located inside the job listing results allow our advertisers to display their call-to-action front and center as the physician scrolls through CanAm job listings. These ad spaces rotate through a set of up to three ads randomly displayed on each page load. Our leaderboard ads are positioned to capture the viewer's attention and drive them to your website or affiliate profile.

Listing Ad

Big Box Ads (300 x 200 pixels)

CanAm online Big Box ads can be placed through the CanAm site at strategic locations allowing you to display the right message at the right moment in the visitor's decision journey. Big Box ads can be placed on pages that are viewable by the public audience or on pages inside CanAm's Intranet. When you purchase a Big Box ad it will be placed on 3 page locations inside the site.

Listing Ad

e-Newsletter Ads

CanAm Recruiting's monthly e-Newsletter goes out to over 5,000 physicians located throughout the world. The e-Newsletter contains information and insights designed to keep medical candidates up-to-date on current news.

Each e-Newsletter has an advertising element that provides the opportunity for CanAm advertisers to promote their products and services. These ads link directly to advertiser information making it easy for viewers to get the details they need to make an informed decision.

e-Newsletter Rate Card (ad size: 150 x 200 pixels)

* Annual subscription includes a big box ad on the CanAm website

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