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Physicians - Work Part-Time from your Home/Office - Rx Review

CanAm's client, Clayman Pharmacy Inc. has been a fully licensed Canadian pharmacy since 1933 and has been an international, cross-border provider of pharmaceuticals since 2003.

Scope of Work

  • Physicians conduct patient file/chart reviews from USA primary care physicians and confirm the appropriateness of prescriptions for the patient clients. 
  • Appropriateness can be based on counter-indications of other medications, patient medical history, over or under-prescribing of expected dosages, or other factors that are relevant in the reviewing physicians professional judgement. 
  • Reviewing physicians have full access to Clayman Pharmacy pharmacists, staff, and medication history, and can contact the patient and/or primary care physician as they feel is appropriate.
  • Patient files are sent in batch approximately every 2 weeks with the expectation that the reviewing physician completes review of the batch,  and returns it to Clayman Pharmacy within a 2 week period. 
  • Patient files arrive by courier or electronically and are returned by the reviewing physician. Clayman Pharmacy pays (or reimburses) for all courier/shipping charges.
  • Upon review of the prescribed drug treatment, the reviewing physician will either: a) concur and sign the prescription, or b) disagree with the prescribed treatment and return the unsigned prescription to Clayman Pharmacy for further input from the primary prescribing physician. 
  • Clayman Pharmacy also provides an additional indemnification agreement protecting the Physician from any liability that may be incurred related to your international work activities.
  • Clayman Pharmacy has confirmed that it is fully licensed to provide international prescription services.
  • Clayman Pharmacy does not dispense any narcotics or controlled substances.


  • Typical remuneration ranges from $5 CAD - $15 CAD per standard file review. and is negotiable depending on the complexity of the of the file. 
  • Physicians trusted and expected to use their professional judgement, in the best interests of each patient, in their review of each patient files.


  • Successful physician candidates must be hold Full Registration from any Canadian provincal or territorial College of Physicians and Surgeons, (except for Manitoba),
  • Physician candidates need not reside in Canada, however, physician candidates who reside in Canada or the USA are preferred.

If you are not available for this posting, please feel free to forward this email to an interested colleague.
Interested candidates please contact or send applications and CV to:
Phil Jost, HSM, MBA
CanAm Physician Recruiting Inc.
Office: 902-439-3400

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